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 Friends Stories English

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    ◆  I'll always be friends

  Two years ago this year, my friend was unconscious while we were at a cafe where we had regular coffee.  I thought it was because it was tired.  Diapyan , my friend used to laugh so much but I knew she didn't keep it so well.  So, I advised her to go to a doctor and do her own tests.  The day she was going to get her medical report I was very nervous.  And, then unexpected things happen ...

  Dipayan  suffered from cancer and shattered me.  During her treatment, I saw her in a very bad state and that made me cry every day.  I decided to shave my head to support him in his treatment.  The day he saw me, his eyes were watery.  He hugged me so tight and it made me realize how he was going.  I supported him and gave him motivational discussions every day.  Today, by the grace of grace, Jenny is well and we speak of the same loving friendship.

    Dipayan and I (Kaushik ) have a friendship that can challenge everything.  We share everything in life.  We do not share our pain and happiness.  We share things we dislike about each other.  We also share our goals and career prospects.  We are as integral as the Sisters of the Spirit.  When we want to celebrate, we just dance.

  When we want to have fun we watch a movie.  I like the bond we share.

◆ He smiled again in life

  There was something wrong with Tom.  He was isolated and never mixed with classmates.  Even during his breaks, he would sit in a corner near the class window.  Day by day he was going from bad to worse.  During breaks I used to play with all my friends.  But, one day I decided to just confront Tom about his behavior in class.

  I (Mike) finally went and asked him, "Tom, why don't you talk to another classmate? Why don't you have a friend? Why do you always look so worried? If you share with me, I can help you share."  "  He did not reply to me and simply told me that I should consider my own business.  In fact, I felt bad, but then I thought he was probably dealing with something bigger.  Maybe he is going through things I can't even imagine.  I quizzed him to talk to me again and for a few days, I decided until one day he would talk to me after class.

  I waited patiently for Tom that day.  He came to me and told me that he lost his father and mother in a car accident and he lives with his uncle.  Since he is lonely, he has developed a learning disability in life.  She cannot concentrate on the class;  He is unaware of what he is taught.  She cannot handle the stress of learning.  I knew he had a problem and now I'm convinced.  I was sad and hugged him tightly.  I told him that he was not alone and that I would always be his friend.  Not only did I give her much needed support in life.  I helped him with his learning disability.  As I am good with academics, I have also taught him lessons.

  Tom has changed and I'm happy for him, he laughs a lot now and plays with other classmates and friends.

  I cherish the bond I share with Tom.  She's my best friend!

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Friends Stories English

◆ Age does not matter in friendship.

That recent man accustomed sit within the park day after day and he was perpetually therefore lost. Maybe, he considered the days that glided by. He looked so lost in time. I accustomed see him within the park day after day. I am Jim and i'm fourteen years recent, I play with my friends in the park. One day, I saw that man too lost, so I went and asked him. "Hello uncle, can I help you with anything." He did not reply and kept quiet. I thought that maybe he does not talk to children! I asked him once more, why do you look so sad all the time? His reply was rather fitting that i'm too tiny to grasp.

I told him that I could very well understand the emotions of the heart. He started talking and told that he had a happy family. His son earned well and he had a caring wife. One day his better half died of pathology and he lost all his happiness. He then tried to move on and told his son to get married. His son was caring until he did what his wife said. His better half didn't like him staying with them, so they decided to give him a one-room apartment instead. Now, in his lonely years he yearns for company. I had tears in my eyes, as I could understand his plight.

I told him that he could call me his friend, as I will always be there when he needs me. Slowly, we tend to developed an honest bonding and commenced enjoying along. We had so much to discuss and talk about in life. I could see that spark in his eyes and that lost sheen that he had lost. Age does not matter when friendship is true.

I knew I had a succor in him and that i am pleased with this proven fact that this friendly relationship continues to be alive.



Friendship is not with age

  The old man used to sit in the park every day and he always lost so much.  Maybe, he thought about the time he spent.  He looked frustrated as time went on.  I used to see him in the park every day.  I'm Jim and I'm 14, I play with my friends in the park.  One day, I saw the man was very lost, so I went and asked him.  "Hello uncle, can I help you some?"  She kept quiet without answering.  I thought he might not talk to kids!  I asked him again, why do you look so sad all the time?  His answer was rather appropriate that I am too short to understand.

  I told him that I understood the emotions of the heart very well.  He started talking and reported that he had a happy family.  His son is well earned and he has a caring wife.  One day his wife died in cardiac arrest and he lost all his happiness.  He then tried to move on and asked the boy to marry him.  His son was careful until he did what his wife said.  His wife didn't like being with him, so they decided to give her an apartment in the house instead.  Now, in her lonely years, she's eager to be a partner.  I had tears in my eyes as I realized my distress.

  I told her she could call me her friend, because she would always be there when I needed her.  Slowly, we formed a good bond and started playing together.  There was so much to talk about and talk about in our lives.  I could see that spark in his eyes and a glint that he had lost.  When the age of friendship comes true, nothing goes.

  I knew that I had a best friend in him and I am proud that this friendship still persists.

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