Dreams quotes in english

1000+ best collection Dreams quotes in english Dreams are the wishes of our subconscious. dream quotes for her As we age, we tend to focus on what we should do rather than what we should do.  Don't give up on your emotions.  Below is a collection of cute, inspirational quotes dreams inspirational and fun dream quotes that let you keep the sparkles burning.quotes about achieving dreams

Dream quote in english
Dream quote in english

l will keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true.

life is a dream quotes 

But I, being poor, have only my dreams I have spread my dreams under your feet Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Our life dreams the Utopia. Our death achieves the Ideal.

Very paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.

The world is seldom what it seems to man, who dimly sees, realities appear as dreams, and dreams realities.

Follow your dreams. Just make sure to have fun too.

All of us gave it all we've got, overcame a whole lot just being on the show and learned a lot about ourselves. We're just normal people trying to do what we love and follow our dreams.

 quotes about achieving dreams

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.

Sleep is the best meditation.

 If we have the courage to pursue dreams, then all our dreams can come true.
 A dream does not become a reality by magic It takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Deep in the darkness of that long   I am sick of following my dreams.

I'm going to ask them where they are going ', and get involved with them later.

If one moves confidently to his dream, and strives to live the life he imagined, then in general he will be accompanied by unexpected success.
The reality is wrong. The dream is for real.
 There are those who ask why things look the same way ... Why do I dream of things that have never been, and why not ask?

We all have dreams. But to make a dream a reality, it requires a firm resolve, dedication, self-discipline and effort.
 In order to accomplish great things, we must act, not just dream plans, but also trust.

 All people's are also dream people. In a dream, all mankind has a relationship.

inspirational quotes dreams

There is only one owner at a time in the dream. For that reason alone to dream.
Dreams are a touch of our character.
  Sadly a man does not grow old until he has a dream.

The dream enters into reality. The dream calls back from actions, and this interdependence produces the maximum life expectancy.

 Who looks outside, the dreamer who looks inside, wakes up. 

The dream for life is a must..

Dream to imagine the one you chose and allow yourself.

  If we have the courage to pursue dreams, then all our dreams can come true👍.

  “You see things;  And you say, 'Why?'  However I dream that has never been;  And I say, 'Why not?'
  “You never get old to set another goal or dream new.

  Never restrict yourself to the limited imagination of others;  Never restrict yourself to your limited imagination.
Dream in a realistic way.

  We have all dreamed that we do not realize our dreams, yet we act in such a way that nothing strange happens in our sleep minds, at least when we wake up it is strange compared to the logical, purposeful actions of our minds.

  Every human life should be framed in such a way that at some point in the future the truth and his dreams come true.  

Quotes about achieving dreams  

Dreams are true to the end, and don’t we live in dreams?

  The responsibility begins in the dream.  

I am accustomed to sleep and in dreams I can imagine the same things that crazy people imagine when I wake up.

  We can lose the excitement of possibility without having imagination or dreaming.
Living in yesterday’s dreams, we still find ourselves dreaming of impossible future victories.  

We need to dream of the world and we need the lord of the world. But most of all, the world needs dreamers who do  .

Sometimes, the only realists are dreamers.  
The norm sets us apart. Dreams and sorrows unite us.

  I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we dream of each other, we can play together all night long.

When you stop dreaming you don’t live.
The cries for help in dreams are all but forgotten.  

By dreaming or waking up we realize such events only for ourselves.

  I don’t know if I was a man then that I was dreaming of becoming a butterfly or if I am now dreaming of being a butterfly I am a man.

  All men of action dream.

  Inspirational quotes about dreams
  I stand for freedom of expression, to do what you believe in and to follow your dreams.

  Like all dreamers, I mistakenly disguised myself for the truth.

  The dreamer cannot know any dream, not even without waking up about his dream. 

I dream of men and of words, and your dreams will be prophetic.  

I am a dreamer. Seriously, I live on another planet.

  Gifts God’s gifts embarrass people’s best dreams.  

Life is just that ... dreams and fears.
  I don’t use drugs, my dreams are scary enough.

  I tell people that I am too stupid to know what is impossible.

Dreaming of tomorrow, tomorrow is as far away as today
Men are desperate men to dream.

  My dreams were my own. I was annoyed and held them accountable to someone - while free is my favorite joy.

  People dream of a genius.   The human world is dreaming, it has gone mad in its sleep, and a snake is killing it by squeezing its throat, but it cannot wake up.

  We are close to waking up when we dream.

Did I know what I was thinking just by dreaming or writing?
The most daring thing among us is in our bed. Because no one can touch our dreams.
We all keep dreaming and luckily dreams come true.

  You know, Willie Onka said it best: We dreamed, dreamed.

  Married or unmarried, young or old, poet or worker, you are still a dreamer, and once you know and feel, your life is just a dream.

  Quotes on dreams and reality

  I challenge you to be a dreamer I let you ultimately be guilty and let us make the most of our world.  

Dream interpretation is a great art.
  People need dreams, they have nutrition like food.

  This is what keeps me going: dreaming, discovering, then dreaming, dreaming and dreaming.  

The authors write. Dreamers talked about it.  

Oh, I've never been a businessman. I dreamed, dreamed.

  Take something simple and stop dreaming and brooding and you will be saved from a thousand evils.

  Strivers dream of achieving what they achieve.

  Young people should never be discouraged from dreaming of our dreams.  

Dreaming only makes things live. They are the eternal winners.
  I believe as long as it is denied. So I believe in fairies, myths, dragons. It exists even if it is in your mind.
Your vision will only become clearer when you see your own heart. Who looks outside, who dreams, who looks inside, wakes up.
  I like to dream among the humble rather than the Lord among them without dreams and desires .

  Life is a dream quote   But I have become poor only my dreams I have spread my dreams under your feet because you follow my dreams.

  Only one dream comes to a sleeping man
  Have faith in dreams, because they are the gateway to eternity.  

Our waking dreams are when we are awake in dreams.

  Nineteen nineteen dreams, with content but renewed the hope of the world, is the hundredth person who is extremely cringe to make these dreams come true  .

The biggest adventure you can take is living the life of your dreams.

  If I can be in you, I will let you be in my dreams.
We have wasted precious time in dreams, born in imagination, fed Maya and killed in reality.

Dreams must be taken seriously. Many of them are true.

  I used to say it was the biggest problem of my life ... it made sense.
Dreams come true, if we only desperately wish, if you give up everything for it, you can have something in your life.

  High receipts show rich opportunities quickly, make big decisions quickly and are effective immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true.

  How blessed are some people, who have no fear in life, no fear for whom the blessing of sleep that comes at night and brings nothing but sweet dreams.

  In my dream I heard again the sound of gunfire, the sound of musical instruments, a strange, mournful sound on the battlefield.
Our life dreams see utopia. Our death achieves the ideal.

  Regardless of how carefully you plan your goals, they can never be more than pipe dreams unless you follow their wishes.
  Dream high, and you will become as you dream. Your vision is the promise that you will one day be your role model.

  If you can't read, dreams will become harder to realize.

  I never dreamed or dreamed. I drew my own reality.

  Many people do not have the courage to live their dreams because they are afraid to die.

  You have all the reasons in the world to achieve your great dreams. Imagination and innovation are equal perceptions.

What the world thinks is rarely seen by people who see it vaguely, see reality as a dream, and see reality as reality.  

When legends die, dreams end and there is no glory.

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