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English Angry Quotes Line

English Angry Quotes Line Holding on to anger is the equivalent of drawing hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else, you are the one who is burning.Anger english Line Quotes

1. Get mad, then get over it.

2. When anger rises, think of the consequences.

3. Anger is the correct understanding of anger and intolerance.

  4. Bitterness is like cancer.  It eats on top of the host.  But anger is like fire.  It makes everything clear.

5. Never go to bed crazy.  Get up.

  6. No one should ever be angry at two things, what they can and cannot help.

English anger quote line 
 7.  No more can they endure losing sight of their things than loving anger and envy.

  8. When you are angry with a man's guilt, turn to yourself and study your own failures. 

 9.  How much more painful are its consequences than the causes of anger.

1p.  Anger, if it is not prevented, often hurts us more than provoking our hurt.

 11.  Hate is the head that despises the heart.

12.   Anger is the air that blows the light of the mind.

13.   Anger is a short frenzy.

 14. Anger makes fun of dull men but it also makes them poor.

15. You do not get the idea that my anger is aroused.  You see, someone can only respect her with
  Get mad, then get up.

 16.  He who makes you angry makes you victorious.
  There is no heaven in the wrath of love for hatred, and there is no wrath like a woman who hates a woman.

English quote line for angry

17. Anger is a short madness.

 18.  Think of its consequences when anger arises.

 19. A man who has never been angry with a woman is a failure in life.

 20.  What begins with anger ends in shame
  If you are angry, then count on all four, swear.

21. If you are very angry, count 100.

22. Anger is the best antidote to anger.

 23.  Never do anything when you are in the mood because you will make everything wrong.

  24. If one is not sure about becoming more angry towards the end, then one should not lose one's temper.

 25.  He who is angry and does not sin will not be angry with anything but sin.

  26. There is nothing that satisfies such a sick tongue when it finds an angry heart.

 27.  No human can think clearly when a fist is removed.

 28.  Never sleep angry, get up and fight.

  29. Anger is one of the souls of anger.

  30. Never argue with a man who has nothing to lose.

 31.  It often happens that angry people deny what his gut is telling him.

 32.  Violent rage among men becomes fair animals.

33.   Keeping cool anger is not an argument.

34.   If someone is hitting me, I'll hit him in the back.  Even if it looks like he hasn't eaten in a while.

  35. When someone is stuck, a great passion for moving things away is anger. It distanced me from anything else, anger that brought me into productivity and creativity.

  36. Experts say your kids should never hurt because of their anger.  When is the best time  When are you feeling festive?

  37. Discussion is the exchange of arguments for the exchange of knowledge.

 38.  Anger is a form of public outrage.

39. Somebody hits me, I'm going to hit him back. Even if it does look like he hasn't eaten in a while.

40. Keep cool anger is not an argument.

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